Alister MacKenzie's Sharp Park

In 1932 Alister MacKenzie, arguably the world's most famous golf course architect, created one of his very few public golf courses at Sharp Park in Pacifica, California. In this course, he was able to use his award winning "Lido" hole design in not one, but two holes at Sharp Park. A feature he was not able to design into any of his many courses around the world. He also created golf holes on Salada Beach near Laguna Salada in Pacifica. Unfortunately nine years after construction, four of his original holes were abandoned and a few others reshaped in order to build the seawall now in place at Salada Beach in Pacifica. The abandoned holes show us a ghostly view into the golfing past at Sharp Park. These images show the two holes and surrounding area that was abandoned in 1941 at Sharp Park Golf Course.

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